Movement Fix Podcast

Dr. Michael Mash joins in this episode to discuss making barbell exercises more accessible for more people.

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Jason Brown, MS, CSCS, of BP Training Systems, joins to discuss programming considerations when returning to the gym as gyms open back up and his collaboration with Movement Fix for the free Return to the Gym Training Program we released.

Visit to download it

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Sadiq Sheraze, DC, discusses micronutrient deficiencies, caloric density, and the pleasure trap.

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Chris Duffin of Kabuki Strength, Bearfoot Athletics, and Buildfast Formula discusses the minimal effective dose of powerlifting training when training for overall health and physical longevity

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Joel Seedman, PhD joins to discuss:

  • 90 Degree Joint Angles
  • Toed Forward Squatting
  • Limited ROM Lifts


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In this episode, Ryan DeBell shares 7 major lessons he has learned from running Movement Fix in 7 years.

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Jay Dicharry, MPT, discusses how to program running training in a holistic training program. 

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Jordan Shallow, DC, joins to discuss powerlifting, keeping movement capacity while building strength, and how he self-rehabbed his pec tear.

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Joel Seedman, PhD, discusses 90 degree squatting, muscle spindles, and eccentric isometrics.

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Michael Mash, DPT, CSCS owns Barbell Rehab and in this episode we discuss using barbells and strength training for long term health and building muscle mass safely.

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Kevin Christie, DC, is the host of The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show, author of 'Do It Right: Modern Chiropractic Marketing' and owner of Health Fit Chiropractic Performance in Boca Raton, FL. Kevin discusses marketing for chiropractors in this episode (and the principles apply to any service based local business).

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Nick St. Louis of The Foot Collective guests on this episode.

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In this episode I discuss why I think people fundamentally disagree on the 'right' squat stance.

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Sadiq Sheraze, DC, joins to discuss water fasting and how they use it in the clinic he works at for treating a variety of disorders as well as his own personal transformation utilizing lifestyle medicine.

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Angelo Sisco of Alpha Hippie guests this week to discuss the mind, body, and spirit and his journey of selling O'Hare CrossFit and moving to fulfill his new vision.

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In this episode, I share 5 things I would have told myself when I had lower back pain to help me get through it.

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Blake Bowman of GuerrillaZen Fitness and Potentia Wellness discusses the tools he is using to handle stress and stay mentally centered and focused during stressful times

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Nick St. Louis, MPT, and founder of The Foot Collective guests.

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Jason Brown, MS, CSCS, is the founder of Box Programming.

He discusses programming safely and progressively once gyms open back up. 

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Angelo Sisco, owner of O'Hare CrossFit and Alpha Hippie discusses pivoting his gym and focusing on the who, what, and why.

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Coach Brett B gives his thoughts and advice on dealing with uncertainty of the future during challenging times.

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Lisa Thomson, DC, is a chiropractor out of the Los Angeles area who specializes in working with rotational sport athletes. 

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Chris Johnson, PT, of Zeren PT, joins to discuss bone stress injuries, the FDI of training, and returning to running

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Jay Dicharry, MPT, author of 'Running Rewired' and 'Anatomy for Runner's' joins to discuss the big toe, gait, and bunions.

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Blake Bowman, co-founder of Potentia Wellness and founder of Guerrilla Zen Fitness, joins to discuss ways to be better optimizing your health.

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In this episode, Perry Nickelston, DC, of Stop Chasing Pain, discusses:

  • The lymphatic system
  • Brain inflammation
  • How it relates to pain and disease
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Dave Marcu, MD, CSCS is an orthopedic surgeon and certified strength and conditioning coach.

He discusses the 3 most common shoulder surgeries, what they are, and what they do.

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Bobby Maybee, DC, is the founder of the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The future of the chiropractic profession
  • Why right now is both challenging and a huge opportunity for chiropractors
  • Different career progressions
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Mike Reinold discusses the shoulder and how to best learn with continuing education.

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In this episode, Matt Wiest, DC, discusses how he started his own clinic, The Center of Movement, and grew it to multiple locations using community building as one of his main marketing channels.

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Tony Gentilcore shares how he creates a positive training environment and how he is growing his personal training business while also growing his family.

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Tim Gabbett, PhD,  guests on this episode to discuss workload management, acute to chronic workload ratio, and injury prevention.

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Aaron Horschig, DPT, founder of Squat University and author of The Squat Bible, discusses analyzing and fixing squat issues.

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CrossFit Legend Chris Spealler discusses general physical preparedness and life after competitive CrossFit

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Dr. John Rusin joins to discuss training for pain free performance and longevity

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Dr. Wes Hendricks, DC, joins to discuss methods to safely develop ring muscle ups, with a focus on longevity and safety.

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Greg Lehman joins to discuss connective tissue and the lumbar spine

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In this episode, Mike Boyle joins to discuss squatting, single leg exercises, and lower body training.

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In this episode, I discuss making the Movement Pie bigger, value creation, and leveraging your skills

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Dave Marcu, MD, CSCS is an orthopedic surgeon and strength and conditioning specialist.

In this episode we discuss knee anatomy, the meniscus, knee replacements, and exercise considerations.

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Aaron Alexander, host of the Align Podcast, joins to discuss:
- Breathing and meditation
- How emotions and beliefs affect movement
- Blending bodybuilding and functional movement
- The mind body relationship

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Dave Marcu, MD, is a sports orthopedic surgeon and certified strength and conditioning specialist. In this episode we discuss:

  • Hip joint anatomy variations
  • How those variations affect squatting
  • Training clients with hip replacements
  • How we can try to prevent hip impingement in the future
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In this episode we discuss:

  • Systems vs principles
  • The Social in the Biopsychosocial model
  • The changing chiropractic profession
  • Creating lasting behavioral changes
  • The Jefferson Curl
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In this episode, Wes Hendricks, DC, joins to discuss all things pull ups.

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On this episode, Todd Hargrove, author of Playing with Movement and A Guide to Better Movement joins me to discuss:

  • Play vs sport
  • Why we need to play
  • Setting the environment to learn
  • Intentional movement learning vs learning via trial and error


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In this episode, Brian Alexander joins to discuss:

  • The Kolbe Index
  • How to hire by role and modus operandi
  • Struggles with starting a 2nd gym
  • Delegating as a gym owner


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- Squatting (obviously)

- Getting turned down to publish a book (but self-publishing it anyway)

- Building a million instagram followers

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Jason Brown, founder of Box Programming, joins to discuss:
- The conjugate method
- His article on the future of Crossfit
- Why aerobic work is key and how he programs it
- Common accessory work that people aren’t including that they should

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Danny Matta, DPT, joins to discuss building a cash based PT practice.

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In this episode, Dr. Wes Hendricks, DC, joins to discuss handstand development, mobility limitations, and progressions.

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In this episode, Ryan DeBell, MS, DC, discusses the main limitations to overhead mobility and range of motion.

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In this episode, Ryan DeBell discusses programming warm ups using a 4 step process

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Brett Bartholomew, author of Conscious Coaching, joins to discuss leadership, soft skills, and professionalism

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In this episode I discuss relative stiffness and how it affects common stretches and lifts.

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In this episode, Ryan DeBell discusses training with shoulder impingement and the rehab thought process

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In this episode, Ryan DeBell discusses the top 6 factors affecting the deadlift

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Lenny Macrina, MSPT, SCS, CSCS discusses ACL injuries, the rehab process, meniscus injuries, and knee cartilage injuries

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In this episode, I go through the 9 factors affecting squat stance to consider for yourself and those you work with to fix squatting issues.

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Dr. Anthony Gustin, founder and CEO of Equip Foods and Perfect Keto discusses the ketogenic diet, carnivore diet, and vegetable oils.

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Stuart McGill, PhD, discusses the low back, training high level athletes, spinal flexion, bracing, and appropriate spine stiffness

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Ryan DeBell, founder of Movement Fix, discusses the differences between flexibility and mobility and why it matters.

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In this episode Ryan DeBell shares 5 things you can do right now to be healthier.

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Dr. Jacob Harden joins to discuss adaptability, movement work, and training

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James FitzGerald discusses the two paths of fitness

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Travis Jewett is a chiropractor out of Iowa and teaches for Mobility WOD and StrongFirst. We discuss mobility, strength training, and simplicity done with consistency. 

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Brent Brookbush, DPT, joins to discuss hip anatomy variations, squatting, isolated muscle activation

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In this episode of Movement Fix Podcast, I explain a little about what happened with our YouTube channel, make two big announcements, and discuss mobility, stability, and the joint by joint approach.

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Jaime Schehr, ND RD, discusses cortisol testing, natural ways to better regulate cortisol levels, adrenal fatigue, integrative medicine

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Mike is a PhD in immunology and microbiology and previously worked at the National Institute of Health studying the interaction between the bacteria that reside within our gut and on our skin and the immune system.

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Dave Tilley, physical therapist, author, researcher, and gymnastics coach guests on this episode of The Movement Fix Podcast.

In this episode we get into the following topics:

  • Stretching myths
  • Strengthening for gymnastics
  • Controversies in the sport of gymnastics
  • Epigenetics and stress
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Dan Pope, DPT, discuss knee health, including how much squatting is required for a recreational vs competitive athlete and how to get back to training after a knee injury.

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Chris Hinshaw, owner of Aerobic Capacity, discusses running, pacing, programming, and training smarter.

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Rika is an incredible athlete born and raised in South Africa. She grew up running hurdles, barefoot, before moving to Kansas to run hurdles in college.

Her dream as a child was to run hurdles in the olympics for her country.

After several back to back injuries, likely resulting from having to run in shoes on a track (vs barefoot on grass in South Africa), she made the transition to rowing. The story of how that transition occurred is incredible.

Rika was able to qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics in rowing after discovering her incredible abilities and work ethic paid off at the highest level in that sport.

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Chad Vaughn, owner of, is a 2-time Olympian, 9-time National Champion, Mulit-Time International medalist including the overall gold medal at the 2003 Pan American Games, and the American Record Holder in the Clean and Jerk for the 77kg weight class in the sport of Weightlifting.

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ave Durante attended Stanford University where he competed in gymnastics. In 2008 he was on the USA men's gymnastics team at the Beijing Olympics.

He is the co-founder and co-owner of Power Monkey Fitness, which offers incredible resources for human movement, gymnastics, olympic lifting, and education.

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Brian Alexander, owner of Illumine Fitness & Nutrition and business coach for Two Brain Business.

Brian is a very thoughtful leader and business owner. He began his formal career path in sales for CDW, working his way up to a top sales position before realizing his heart was elsewhere: transforming the lives of others by utilizing fitness to demonstrate the power of daily habits and discipline to all areas of life.

In this episode Brian shares his story, how he lost a $200,000 loan from his parents, his time spent as a bouncer at clubs, the rise at CDW, and then going for it to build CrossFit Illumine.

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Mario Novo, DPT, discusses movement sensors, emerging technologies, and how that will affect movement assessment and rehab.

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Jay Dicharry, DPT, discusses running performance, running research, and how to select the right shoe.

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Phillip Snell, DC, discusses low back pain, disc herniations, healing times, and his clinical strategies.

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Chris Duffin, owner of Kabuki Strength, discusses programming for powerlifters, creating and manufacturing state of the art equipment, and business.

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John Rusin, DPT, discusses combining hypertrophy, metabolic conditioning, and skills into a cohesive program.

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Perry Nickelston, DC, discusses the lymphatic system, the nervous system, and amino neuro frequency

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Tony Gentilcore discusses owning and growing a fitness studio, how he created and grew his fitness blog, and why he chooses to focus on working with the general population.

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Mike Boyle, founder of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, discusses his path to getting to where he is now.

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Rafe Kelly, founder of Evolve Move Play, discusses dynamic systems theory, degrees of freedom in movement, and fighting.

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Shante Cofield, aka The Movement Maestro, discusses rockblades, rocktape, soft tissue treatment, and movement.

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Scotty Butcher, PhD, discusses oxygen deprivation research, HIIT programming, and energy systems

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Jason Shane, DPT, discusses the importance and the how of simplifying patient care for clinicians

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Jason Shane, DPT, discusses how to network and connect with other professionals to grow your influence and career

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Jason Leydon, owner of CrossFit Milford, discusses programming, energy systems, and stress management

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Mike Molloy, PhD, discusses gut health, macros, under eating vs over eating

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Stefi Cohen, DPT, is a world renowned powerlifter and record holder. She discusses powerlifting, growing an online fitness business, and breaking records

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Brett Bartholomew, author of Conscious Coaching, discusses how to effectively coach athletes from different backgrounds and with personality types

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Jen Esquer, DPT, aka Doc Jen Fit, discusses growing social media for clinicians, online business, and her growth through gymnastics

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Jeff Langmaid, DC, discusses the research behind chiropractic medicine in a rebuttal against Joe Rogan's anti-chiropractic podcast episode

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Hunter Schurrer discusses training green berets and understanding military force needs from training

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Sean Masters, co-owner of Tangelo Manual Therapy and Movement, discusses the importance and the how of creating culture in a clinic or gym setting

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Mario Novo, DPT, discusses blood flow restriction training, focusing on the science, research, and methods used

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Dr. Homayun Gharavi discusses stretching under anesthesia, how stretching works, and movement limitations

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Rafe Kelley, founder of Evolve Move Play, discusses the evolution of the shoulder joint, compound and natural based movements vs exercises, and movement hierarchy

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